Lisbon (Turismo de Lisboa)

Conference Program

Full program can be found here.


Day 1

Keynote 1

A1: Digitalization in Collaborative Networks

Chair: Claudia-Melania Chituc

A2: AI and Digital Tools for Collaborative Healthcare Networks 5.0

Chair: Elena Pessot and Daniele Spoladore

A3: Value Co-Creation in Ecosystems – Part I

Chair: Shaun West

B1: Collaborative Business Models and Digitalization

Chair: Carlos Gonçalves

B2: Sociotechnical Strategies in Collaborative Systems

Chair: Paul de Vrieze

B3: Value Co-Creation in Ecosystems – Part II

Chair: Tobias Larsson and Xavier Boucher

C1: Agile and Responsive Supply Chains

Chair: Sanaz Nikghadam-Hojjati

C2: Digital Transformation Through the Lens of Sociotechnical Systems

Chair: António Lucas Soares

C3: Shaping Values Through Collaborative Work

Chair: Julia Friedrich and Christian Zinke-Wehlmann

Day 2

D1: Architectures for Collaborative Enterprise Integration

Chair: Arturo Molina

D2: A Path Forward Towards the Green Deal

Chair: Thomas Schuster

E1: Panel I - Society 5.0: How to offer integrated services to citizens?

Moderator: Angel Ortiz and Luis Osório
  • ViaVerde, Pedro Mourisca
  • Metropolitano de Lisboa, Pedro Pereira
  • CTT Locky, Francisco Travassos
  • CLARANET, Sérgio Silvestre
  • IP Telecom, Rui Ribeiro
  • CNR, Italy, Rosanna Fornasiero
  • South Africa, Collen Masilo

E2: Dynamic Interplay of Humans and AI in Collaborative Networks

Chair: Bernd-Friedrich Voigt and Thomas Suesse

Keynote 2

F1: Panel II - Collaborative Lab (COLAB) Models

Moderator: Xavier Boucher

F2: Poster papers I

Chair: Kankam Adu-Kankam and Paula Graça

Day 3

G1: Digital Twins in Industry

Chair: Filipa Ferrada

G2: Service Design for Society 5.0 and Industry 5.0

Chair: Gary Fragidis

G3: AI Application in Collaborative Networks

Chair: Ana Inês Oliveira

Panel III - Research challenges in Society 5.0 and Industry 5.0

Moderator: Luis M. Camarinha-Matos
  • Presentation

Keynote 3

H1: Contribution of Digital Transformation to Sustainable Supply Chains

Chair: Ricardo Zimmermann

H2: Risk and Resilience in Collaborative Networks

Chair: Tiago Dias

H3: Poster papers II

Chair: José M. Gonzalez-Varona
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